Welcome to L&K Storage

Climate & Non-Climate Controlled! Brand new facility. You must see it in person!

Climate-Controlled Sizes: 10'x10' and 4'x4'
Non-Climate Controlled Sizes: 10'x15', 10'x20' and 5'x15'

We supply all products for your storage needs, too!

For an appointment or more details, please call
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We can Engrave your furniture. Wood or Poly can be done. Great for a special occasion or in Memory of someone special. 

L&K Storage Pics

A sample of pictures of
L&K Storage and our outdoor Furniture

Fire Wood

Bags of firewood  are for sale!  The winter is coming!

Spring Time Mulch

Winter is coming! Just remember we will have your Spring time mulch Coming Back too! Think Spring
non climate control

Climate-Controlled Units

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